About Tina

Fall arrives subtly — a morning where the thought of gardening doesn’t conjure the dread of sweating profusely. It sets like dew, a delicate drop of moisture gathering until finally it rolls down and seeps in. I dig my hand into the wooden planter box and the earth breathes. Her exhalation reaches my nose and smells like possibility.

A garden is the perfect metaphor for most situations in life, particularly the ones that elude an easy explanation.

Cultivate your garden.

That’s the message I took away from “Candid” by Voltaire when I read it in high school, and that’s exactly what I’ve done with my life so far.

I grew up on a cattle ranch in the Hill Country of Texas, and I loved it — although more so in retrospect. After graduating high school, I attended Texas Tech and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. I couldn’t picture myself seeking a career as a news reporter. So, I brainstormed other options and came up with education. I earned my master’s degree in language and literacy education, and I’m currently teaching English to heaps of high school freshmen in Fort Worth, Texas.

With my dog Gaia, I lived in a diverse and delightfully communal apartment in the historic Leuda May building located just south of downtown Fort Worth for about three years. While there, we found some pretty blog-worthy adventures. Forged some friendships. Got divorced to my first husband who taught me so much about what living life to the fullest (and without fear) is all about. And learned a lot about living kindly — kind to Mother Earth, kind to ourselves and kind to the people around us.

Then I reconnected with a former coworker… and fell in love. Like, damn.


Now, Gaia and I live with my husband and partner in adventure Austin, a lighthearted soul with a beautiful laugh, and his four vivacious children — Austin, Riley, Reagan and Aidan. I never imagined I would be a step mom… but I also never imagined I could be this happy.

Our home, located in a quiet suburban neighborhood, is a vibrant reflection of our family. Bright, bold colors. An ever-expanding urban farm (chicken coop included) and food forest. And often a fermentation project bubbling away in our country chic meets urban style kitchen.

As always, I’m pretty hopeful for the adventures this next year will bring. I can’t wait to share the insights and questions that come, too.


  1. hey Tina i really enjoy your writing and your adventures. I am so pleased to find you so happy and enjoying life. If you get a moment ,please contact me as I would love to speak to you. thanks
    Mike stuehrk 281-338-1321

    • Ahhh! I just now saw this message. I have been so busy with my new teaching job. Have one of the girls send you my number or e-mail. Both are posted on my Facebook, if you still need to reach me.

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