2-step Habanero Vinegar

Austin harvested quite a few habaneros this weekend from our garden, and I made spicy vinegar with them — a super simple way to store them for future culinary use. 

The other method I like to use to preserve them is dehydration, but making chili powder takes more time. 

If I had any fruit, I would have opted for a habanero jam. Alas, we did not. That idea will have to wait until peaches or blackberries are in season again. 

The vinegar is best after a couple of weeks, and we just use plain white vinegar. I refill it with vinegar when the level gets low and peppers are exposed to air. I try to avoid that air exposure so that the nasty microorganisms don’t spoil the food. It is highly acidic, so no need for sterilizing the jar more than a good clean and no need to refrigerate. 

Here are some ways we use spicy vinegar in our house:

  • Serve it as a condiment for fried fish or fried veggies, eggs or tacos. 
  • Use it to make a vinegarette. 
  • Add a little fish sauce and lime juice for a delicious Thai hot sauce to use with Asian inspired dishes 

You could also probably use it to make a delicious meat marinade. I just haven’t tried that one yet. 

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