Outdoor showers create relaxing moments and save water

Creating your own outdoor shower is as easy as 1-2-3. Buy some parts at the hardware store. Find a place in your garden. Shower!

If you’ve ever gone camping with a shower bag, then you already know the joys of showering in the open air. Outdoor showers bring back the nostalgia of running through the lawn sprinkler as a kid, and they are a sustainable garden/home practice, especially for those of us with watering restrictions.

But I don’t want to be naked for my neighbors to see, you might say.

Have no fear! You can build one with a privacy screen (just look at Pintrest for inspiration). Or do like I do and shower in a bathing suit. Trust me, it works just fine. Just look both ways to see if anyone is overtly staring at you, and then shove your hand right down into your crotch for a good scrub.

IMG_4137When I lived in an apartment at Leuda May, a friend and I set up an outdoor shower using an upcycled spout from an old watering can and some parts from the hardware store. After we both moved out, I ended up with the outdoor shower — thanks, Mere.

Earlier this summer I got around to setting up a location in our suburban farm garden for showering. I used a large flagstone for the base, which is where I stand. I have a trellis up to hang my “shower” hose from and to keep the rose thorns from brushing against me, and I planted mint around the flagstone so that some day soon I will have an aromatic outdoor shower area.

I used it for the first time a couple weekends ago, and it was wonderful. The water was cool and refreshing, and my all-natural soaps won’t harm anything as it soaks into the sloped area beneath the shower, where I planted blackberries in the spring.

I’m a little bit sad that the weather is about to change into fall, making it much too cold to shower outside without a system to heat the water.

…but not so sad that I want to stop dancing with glee about all the rain we have gotten in the last 24 hours. Bring on the temperate garden season!



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