Progress in the backyard gives me hope for hosting our wedding outdoors

For a minute or two, I was stressing about whether or not the backyard projects would be completed in time for Austin and my wedding.


But then Cory and another guy showed up with magic masonry fingers! The stone steps down the hillside are almost complete and a good chunk of progress has been made on the retaining wall, as you can see in the photo I took this afternoon.

IMG_3174A pretty good portion of the yard is covered in pieces of rock. It looks a bit like a tornado passed through, but Cory needs to be able to see what pieces he has left to work with.

The chickens didn’t seem to mind navigating all the debris one bit. I clipped one wing on each chicken this afternoon and let them roam free in the backyard.

What an adventure that was! They aren’t the friendliest chickens (yet), and I had to trap them in the coop to get my hands on each one before tossing it outside. Somewhere during the process, I bumped the door and the latch snapped shut. I locked myself in, and I had to crawl out the small chicken door on the side in order to get out.

It was worth it, though. The chickens loved the freedom — permaculture in motion. Their happy clucks made my soul hum.


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