I made the front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram yesterday!

Check it out, I made the front page (above the fold!) of the Star-Telegram for an article about the resurgence of interest in canning as a way to preserve food. My fiancé, who is a freelance journalist, humored me with a smile and a pat on the back yesterday morning as I leaped out of bed and danced around with glee about having my face distributed all across the metroplex. The novelty of being in the paper has worn off for him, I suppose.

He also reminded me that he put me in the paper a couple times, too, for first-person narratives about gardening. And all of it made me think that I ought to have a section on this blog with all my media links. Stay tuned for that, if you’re interested.

Also, I’ll be teaching another canning class in September as an add-on to a Fall Gardening and City Farming Workshop that Elizabeth is doing at Elizabeth Anna’s.

For info about the canning class, go here. For info about the workshop, go here.

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