Hello, summer vacation! Goodbye, high school freshman English students.

While I love teaching English, it is often stressful and requires a little neglect of my garden. So, I’m pretty spazed to say hello to summer vacation. I don’t have to look very far to see the vast beauty and abundance in my urban garden.

The summer harvest has already begun.

I’ve been blessed to live in an apartment complex that is accommodating to my love for growing things. In fact, I’ve got a co-conspirator who has been helping me keep up with everything and chipping in for seeds/starts. We even put together an outdoor shower so that we can maximize our water resources, which is the responsible thing to do. It is especially so since last summer the city was under watering restrictions.

Our outdoor shower requires a bathing suit since passersby can see us from the road.

Did I mention it is also a lot of fun?

It is like playing in a sprinkler. Although you can’t see it in the picture, there are wood cross sections used as pavers that we can stand on to wash up. The shower head is the top from an old metal watering can that I picked up for free. The rest of the parts cost about $10 at the hardware store and allowed us to connect the hose to the shower head since the parts were different sizes.

As long as I take a shower while the sun is still out and warm, it is the perfect temperature. The water from the hose is cool and refreshing. I think I’m going to plant some mint around the wood pavers to make it look even more appealing.

I don’t remember what variety of squash this is but it tastes like yellow squash. It might be spaghetti squash that I’m not letting ripen to maturity.

Since I use all natural soaps that aren’t harmful for my plants, I can get pretty clean. And, when no one is looking, I do a pretty good job of washing all my bits under my bathing suit.

There is a whole lot of things growing in this garden bed, which makes it an ideal spot for an outdoor shower. The other day I found this beautiful squash, which made a wonderful stir fry.

The tomatoes I have planted don’t appear to be heavy producers but the squash will be quite plentiful this year. Fortunately for Matt (who was never the biggest fan of squash but is willing to eat it from time to time), I can take my excess squash up to Elizabeth Anna’s and barter it for other vegetables.

Oh, summer. How I love thee.

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