Beware a false sense of spring… Or not.


Well, it feels like spring. It looks like spring. Can I just pretend that it is? We only have a few more days to go before the average last day of frost and spring is here.

Wonderful things are happening in my garden, which has warmed up and been rained on recently.

My lettuce is blooming and attracting bees (see above). It will have lots of seeds to harvest and those can be saved for the fall. I believe it’s the Black Susan variety I picked up at Marshall Grain when I first moved to town.


I’ve got tons of seeds planted and some have emerged. If all goes well, I’ll have more radishes than I can stand.

Part of my plan for revamping the soil of several newly claimed garden spaces includes planting without worrying too much about the soil. I’m trying to build up good, healthy soil in those places which have previously been used for shrubs but the budget is tight. So, I layered leaf mulch over those spaces in the fall and winter. I put an inch or two of compost over the top to help break it down. And I planted the seeds in the compost so they’d germinate in good soil. Whether they survive and do well with the soil beneath is another question. If they do, I am thinking it will help me in my quest for healthy garden soil. I also put onions in these spaces since those guys seem to thrive in less than ideal soil.

If they don’t, I’ve been sure to use cheap seeds/starts so I’m not devastated. The more expensive seeds, like herbs, will be germinated more carefully in pots first.

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