Leuda’s edible landscape finally takes shape

After much work and planning, the large flower bed inside my apartment complex is beginning to look like an edible landscape. Take a gander at this, folks.

Edible landscaping in an apartment setting

This is a huge difference from what I started with. Right now, I have a few things planted, including garlic, onions, rosemary, lavender, carrots, turnips, broccoli, and red cabbage. I’ve also done an inventory and am collecting seeds for many other things I want to plant later on.

My plans for future improvements include:

  • Transplanting the shrubs by the building into another spot where shrubs died last summer.
  • Transplanting the rosemary bush (beside the chair) into a spot beside the AC units.
  • Finishing the wood cross section path to the metal fencing.
  • Replacing the stacks of extra wood cross section around the edge with planters of some kind that I can put herbs. I want to build a tall enough border to discourage dogs from coming in without having to put up a fence.
  • Putting up another trellis in front of the other AC unit.
  • And, finally, adding more plants as the weather warms up!

I want everything to look pretty tidy by the time February 19th rolls by, because I’m hosting a spring gardening workshop for the Fort Worth Community Cultivators group. It’s open to people outside the group, too. I’ll post more details about it later, as well as a link to the Facebook event. We’re planning on having an informal seed swap toward the end for anyone who wants to participate. So, it’ll be quite an exciting affair.

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