Crocheting a simple scarf and headband

A Christmas gift for Matt

After meeting up with some friends who were working on knitting and crocheting projects as we chatted earlier this month, I was inspired to pick up crocheting again. I haven’t crocheted anything since high school, which is when I taught myself how to do it with the help of some online guides.

I’ve only ever done blankets and little Christmas projects (like the crocheted button tops to kitchen towels that allows people to hang them on the oven door handle).

But I thought I’d pick up the hobby again by making a scarf for my fiance for Christmas since we decided not to buy each other gifts this year (in order to put that money into our elopement backpacking excursion). I also found a cute pattern for a headband that I made.

The free pattern for the scarf can be found here. I think I’ll make myself one using the pattern but I will make it less wide so it can be more of a skinny feminine scarf. Before I do that, though, Matt requested a matching beanie. He also said he plans to wear this scarf almost every day, even in the summer.

It makes me happy that he likes it so much.


    • It’s a lot easier than you’d think! I googled every abbreviation and used some help from the Dummies pages on basic crocheting. The nice thing about this one is that scarves come in many shapes/sizes and it’s okay if it’s not exactly the same. But, here’s a hint if you try this one, I used a 6.0 mm hook with much success. The pattern doesn’t suggest a size for hooks and since I’m a noob, I only figured out what worked best for me with trial and error. Size 9 mm was way too loose and didn’t accomplish the same look.

  1. Oooh, very pretty!!! I learned how to knit in the last few months and made a hat for a friend for Christmas. I was planning on making him a scarf too but it looked like it would take far too long. Out of interest, how long did it take you to make that scarf (assuming the rate of crotchet and knitting are somewhat similar)?

    • Very cool! Knitting looks harder than crocheting, but I’ve never tried.

      Ohh… take that back. I gave it one halfhearted attempt in high school. I don’t know if I was just using a bad guide but I don’t remember it being easy.

    • Crocheting is a lot easier, I think. And there are so many free online guides and step-by-step instructions with pictures these days! Learning either is pretty easy.

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