Planning the Leuda May edible landscaping project

December 2011

I began work on the large bed inside the apartment complex earlier this year. It went from overgrown to tidy in the matter of a few days. (See/read more about that here.)

Now, during the boring winter months, I’ve been planning what I’d like to do come spring. Some prep work will need to be done this month and next for what ever I decide to do. So far I have put down newspaper and mulched the bed with leaves to build the soil and suppress weeds. I dragged some chairs into the middle of the bed to keep dogs from running through it and stirring up all the newspaper.

They’re still pooping in it, which is one of the things I’m taking into consideration with my design. Another thing is the hideous AC units. can I shade the AC units from view?

And here is my rough sketch of what the bed looks like. Keep in mind that I’m no landscape designer. Nor am I certified in permaculture. However, I’m going to give it my best shot and hopefully come out with something amazing. I don’t think it takes an expert to do something sustainable and beautiful, although I would someday like to become an expert in those areas.

Features I’d Like to Have

  • Something to cover/hide the AC units in some way without restricting access to them in case they need repairing
  • A barricade of some sort to keep the dogs out (a short fence or otherwise)
  • Trellis in the back to grow vegetables that vine
  • A small place for some composting directly into the area so the worms can go at it, probably just a vintage beehive box with a lid since I have access to those for free
  • Pathway through the middle so that the plants are easy to access and harvest

Supplies Needed

  • Stone pavers or bricks or other materials for a pathway, preferably free and re-purposed
  • Trellis (probably made from free bamboo from my mom or salvaged wood, if I find some that would work)
  • Plant seeds or transplants for whatever I don’t already have but plan to grow

I’m compiling some of my ideas into a Pin board. Check that out here for a more visual representation of my planning process.




    • I might but for now I’m okay. I used the leaves on the sidewalk from the St. Louis side to do the big bed inside. There were TONS that had piled up and not been collected for ages. Many at the bottom were almost fully composted. And then I found three large bags of leaves for the other bed inside but I’ll probably share one of those with the flower beds in the front.

    • Right on! I replied to your comment on Facebook with my contact info. For now, I’m just collecting supplies. I’ll let you know when I plan a workday because others who live in my apartment complex are interested in helping, too.

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