10 things I kept from my first year of college

I picked up crocheting again — something I hadn’t done since high school when I taught myself how to make crocheted blankets and small projects from online guides.

As I was crocheting a scarf for my fiance for Christmas today, I was reminded of the crocheted blanket in our closet that had been given to me as a high school graduation gift. It took me a minute to pull out all the boxes to get to it, but I did. (Our closet is stuffed to the brim with boxes since we don’t have a lot of storage in our tiny apartment.)

The blanket on bottom in the picture is made from old jeans I saved throughout middle and high school. I pieced them together the summer before I started at Texas Tech and made a quilt for my dorm room bed (rather than purchase a twin-sized comforter at Wal-Mart or Target).

All of this made me think about the things I kept from my first year of college, which was only a little more than five years ago.

Ten Things I Kept From My First Year of College

  1. Quilt I made for myself out of old jeans
  2. Crocheted blanket that was given to me as a gift
  3. Coffee maker (an inexpensive but sturdy one that finally broke a year or two ago; it was also a gift)
  4. Rice cooker (another graduation gift and I still use it on a regular basis)
  5. Chopsticks (I took a nice pair from home and still use them)
  6. Bath towels (I bought some clearance beach towels and also still use them)
  7. Bed sheets (but they were extra long twin-sized and have since been made into a kitchen curtain)
  8. Rubbermaid tubs for storing things under my dorm bed (too handy to discard, of course)
  9. Macbook (a graduation gift from my parents that is still chugging along)
  10. Winter jacket (I bought a long dark brown pea coat as soon as it got cold and I realized it was kind of embarrassing to continue wearing my letter jacket from high school, which was the warmest coat I had; I still wear it, although the lining wore down to tattered bits and I’ve since cut that part of the jacket out).

What does my list say about me? You tell me. If I ask my fiance, he’d probably say that it says I’m cheap. I prefer the term spendthrift.


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