Weekend sightseeing in Fort Worth included the botanical gardens

Our best friends came to visit us from Lubbock this past weekend, and we took them to see some of the sights in Fort Worth.

The best of the weekend included beverages at Paddy Reds and Malone’s, the Rahr brewery tour and walking around the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

For $1 each, we went inside the conservatory and took a peak at the exotic plants there. I snapped a couple photos of the coolest ones.

This one is also called a prayer plant and is sold as a houseplant. We have one but it doesn't look nearly as happy and I think I now know why. Perhaps I'll have to find it a place in the bathroom.

Bananas! And I bet these tree-ripened ones are mighty tasty, too.
Makes me want to see the rainforest some day (before it disappears forever and all we have are conservatories).

I’m definitely making plans to go back more often. The nature trails have labeled plants, and I think that would be a good way to familiarize myself with more plant names. I’d like to work on identifying plants. Perhaps I’ll start a plant journal. I could write the name, sketch a picture and then add in a description of the plant later.

As a teacher, that sounds like a great way to incorporate lots of learning styles and maximize memorization of the material. As a lover of plants, that just sounds darn fun.

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