The other Leuda May building and its fall color

I haven’t done too much to the other Leuda May apartment building that needed some fall color. I planted pansies in the flower beds and snap dragons in a pot before calling it a day. I have some ideas for what I’d like to do but I won’t get started until the spring. Until then, the pansies have spruced it up a bit.

The other building before I spruced it up
The corner flower bed before

And now the after pictures! I think these beds cleaned up nicer than the ones I did in front of the 301 building. I put in better stuff in those flower beds but they didn’t look very tidy when I was finished. I think it might have something to do with the framing because these look like flower beds and the others don’t have an area boxed in. I’m thinking I might add a rock border around the other beds to make them also look neat and tidy. 

Finally, here is an artsy and cool photo I took of the fall flowers I put in.

Fall color at the Leuda May

I’ll post more about the inside flower bed later. It’s my pet project because it will become an herb garden and I’m partial to edible plants.

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