Fall color for Leuda May flower beds

This summer wrecked shop on the flower beds at the Leuda May Historic Apartments, which is where Matt and I live. My landlord has kindly provided the plants for some fall color and I began work at the end of October.

Here are the front flower beds before I got started.

From the front of the 301 building, this is the left flower bed. Gaia kept me company and provided moral support for much of the work I did out here. =)
From the front of the 301 building, this flower bed is on the right side. Both sides were overgrown.
And finally an overall picture of what I started with plus Gaia who decided to give a doggy grin for the camera.

Before I got started, I did some research. I thought about what the fall and winter weather would be like, searching online for some native plants that would tolerate the temperatures. I wanted native plants for these beds because I knew they would require little water — a huge perk considering the water restrictions across the county. Another consideration I had was budget. No need to bankrupt my landlord to add some color and spruce up the beds.

In the end, I decided to keep the fall planting modest. I’ll do much more in the spring when the temperatures are more favorable. I ended up putting in two autumn sages (salvia) and a Jeruselum sage in each side of these beds. Then I added pansies for color. In the spring, it’ll be wildflowers for color.

Here’s what the beds look like now.

The left flower bed, all spruced up (the sage bushes are in the back with only one in sight). This bed also has some zinnias that sprung up on their own and I moved around and put back when I planted in the bed.
The right flower bed, including some pink flowers that were already there before I got started with the bed. I can't recall what these flowers are called.
Overview of the recently planted front flower beds -- not a huge difference, but a nice change nonetheless.

More later about the flower beds on the other Leuda May apartment building as well as the big flower bed on the inside. For now, I’m off to finish watching the PBS Nature show about the guy who raised turkeys.


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