Eatin’ good in the urban neighborhood thanks to my fall veggie gardens

My fall vegetable gardens (in containers, the communal trough and the community garden) are producing all kinds of produce for us to eat. We’ve been treated to everything from turnips to an abundance of green beans and cucumbers, which have recently bit the dust. I was able to bring a large salad and a huge portion of green beans to the early Thanksgiving gathering at my father-in-law’s house this past weekend, which everyone said they enjoyed. Not going to lie — I was happy I could show off and share my bounty.

Here are some photos that highlight the best of what I’ve got going on right now.

Some of my green tomatoes are pretty large. Will they ripen in time?

Even if the green tomatoes don’t ripen, we will still enjoy them. I have a great recipe that involves slicing them in half and roasting them in the oven with sea salt and olive oil. Then chop and add feta before enjoying with crackers or toasted baguette bread. But, hopefully, I’ll be able to get a few red tomatoes before a hard freeze forces me to harvest whatever I’ve got.

Green-tomato laden plants growing in the communal trough
Today I picked the season's first snowpeas. Yum.

I don’t have very many pea plants growing in the garden, but it is enough to get a few for the salad we’ll be eating tonight. And I bet I’ll get another batch or two before the plants quit making beans that we can stir fry or whatever. For what ever reason, they’re very sweet and juicy. I have a feeling it’s the mild weather and abundance of watering, which the trough gets because of the massive, thirsty tomato plants.

My crown jewels of the fall garden. Har, har. Garden puns are fun...

I can’t wait to eat the broccoli. They look wonderful right now and will probably get pretty sizable before I harvest them. In the meantime, Matt and I are enjoying the fresh salad mix, snow peas, onions, cabbage and toy choi that the garden is providing.

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