Not so great attempt at a rosemary and lavender wreath

A large flowerbed near the entrance of the Leuda May apartments has become overgrown. Part of the problem is a huge rosemary bush. It needed to be trimmed back so that it didn’t extend too far out of the bed but I didn’t want to waste rosemary.

So, I decided to make a wreath.

It looked pretty good in the beginning...

I cut an errant rose vine to make a strong, flexible circle and secured it with some yarn. Then I harvested a kitchen sink full of rosemary, which turned out to be not quite enough. I cut the rosemary in bunches about six to eight inches long when I harvested it.

To make my wreath, I bunched up a sprig or two and tied it to the rose vine with dark green yarn. I did this all the way around until I completed the circle with all the rosemary going in the same direction.

It looked plain. So I went back outside and cut some lavender sprigs to add in.

And here it is right after I made it. It has since dried out.

It would probably look a lot better with a bow but I don’t have a big enough one (and don’t want to buy one). It looks a little worse now that it has fully dried, too.

Lesson learned: I’m no Martha Stewart. I should probably just stick to growing and cooking the rosemary.

On the other hand, I haven’t removed the wreath and disposed the evidence of my semi-hideous craft project. It smells too nice to do that. Next time I think I’ll just bunch the sprigs and tie a bow around them before hanging them with a ribbon.

One comment

  1. I bet your wreath is wonderful. Besides, Martha has “staff” and the first one they made probably wasn’t “perfect”.

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