Chilly weather and an opportunistic dog

I took off work this week to study for my Friday exam. It’s the culmination of my master’s degree, which is both exciting and stressful.

This afternoon, which has been wonderfully chilly after last night’s rain storm and cold front, I’m camped out on the couch again. I’ve been working on notecards all morning. They’re finally finished, and I went into the kitchen to check on the crock pot soup I have going.

When I came back to my seat…

… it had been stolen by an opportunistic dog.

Fortunately, an ear scratch and a couple kisses convinced her that we could co-exist. Maybe later this afternoon I can pack up the dog, a thermos of hot tea and my notecards and get some fresh air at the dog park.

If nothing else, it’ll keep me away from my secret stash of lemon cookies in the pantry, which I have been attacking as only a seasoned stress-eater can. At least I’m not at cheese puffs level yet.

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