Aphids, yuck

I hate aphids more than any other garden pest. They make my skin crawl, although I’m not sure why. And they infested the accidental cantaloupe plant I had growing in the communal wooden trough outside — those bastards!

The cantaloupe, if you haven’t heard the story, came up when the wind blew some seeds off a plate where I was drying them. I left it in hopes of fall cantaloupe but, alas, that will not be the case.

I pulled up that sucker when I saw how infested it was with aphids. The aphids were starting to climb onto the tomato plants, which I really don’t want to loose. I sprayed the tomato plants and everything else in the trough with neem. I’ll check them in the morning to see if another round is needed for spots I might have missed.

Looks like dirt specs but really it's aphids. Disgusting.
Nasty little things...


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