Mmmmm, simple autumn pleasures make life more laid back

When I woke up on Monday morning with nothing to do — except study for a huge test I’m taking in two weeks that determines whether I’ve finished my master’s degree or not — it was about 73 degrees in our apartment. (We leave the windows open most of the time, so the inside climate is determined by the outside temperatures.) This particular morning felt crisp and cool instead of slightly stuffy, which it had been before the weekend rain.

And, instead of worry about my upcoming exam, I decided to slip on some warm handmade socks and make a cup of tea. I also made some toast from rosemary beer bread that I’d baked on Sunday with a little butter and honey on top.

As I was waiting for the bread to toast and the water to boil, I looked around the kitchen and spied some browning bananas on the counter. I considered making a smoothie later, except I realized that I hadn’t made a smoothie in a while and was more likely to bake banana bread with them. That made me think about all the frozen summer fruit we have stashed in the freezer. No longer for smoothies, me thinks. Instead they’re destined to become cobblers and fruit crumbles, which is what I’m craving these days.

It’s not quite cool enough to bust out the mulled cider and hot cocoa but that time of year is just around the corner. Until then, I’ll enjoy the simple pleasures of autumn (like hot tea and toasted homemade bread) that make life more laid back.

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