Urban gardening means taking space where you can find it

When Matt and I moved to Fort Worth this summer, I thought I was going to have to put my favorite hobby on the back burner until we could afford a bigger place with a porch or backyard.

Thank goodness that hasn’t been the case. Here’s an overview of all the gardening spaces I’ve planted this fall. Everything has done better than expected, and we’ve still got lots of good eatin’ ahead of us.

The Fairmount Community Garden

On the outside, beans and cucumbers (because they need polination) and onions/garlic because nothing bothers 'em. On the inside: broccoli, radishes, swiss chard, turnips, carrots, and lettuce.
Matt holding Sunday's harvest



 Self-watering Container Garden (that I made myself from re-purposed tubs)

Clockwise from the largest tub: broccoli with some onions poking out, cabbage and pak choy, mint, rosmary (basil beside it), onions, more onions, turnips, and chard/lettuce/spinach.
We had a chance of hail last month, which is why I had a tarp off to the side. Matt and I covered it the night before, just in case. To make up for not allowing the rain to come in, we collected water in a huge blue tub and then hand watered the containers with rain water later. Same difference, right?

Wooden Communal Trench

My stuff is underneath the opened section and the left half of the closed one. Two of my neighbors share the rest of the trench, which continues to the right and didn't fit into the picture

I made the covers from spray painted window screens that I bought at an antique home supply store. They were very handy in getting my fall garden started while the weather was above 100 degrees. It provided just enough shade that kept everything alive and well. Now I’ve got fall vegetables ready for harvest and the season has just begun.

Here’s what I have planted in my trenches: basil, Thai basil, tomatoes, cantaloupe (accidental but it has some small melons and a fist-sized one already), several varieties of lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, carrots and peas.

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