Attempt at an almost famous soft pretzel = success

I was tidying up the binder I keep for random recipes that I’ve collected over the years and I found several that I hadn’t tried yet, snipped from magazines.

Today I busted out the Almost Famous Soft Pretzel recipe that I clipped from Food Magazine and gave it a go. It turned out amazing.

Homemade Soft Pretzels

I didn’t make the sauce described in the recipe, opting instead for a classic — plain yellow mustard. I also didn’t go overboard dipping them in butter when they came out of the oven. I melted three tablespoons on a plate and then touched the top and bottom of each pretzel to the butter to get a little bit of coating, which was perfect.

My only word of caution for anyone else trying this is to watch how much salt you put on the outside. I used salted butter and that contributed to the saltiness, which I didn’t think of while I was sprinkling course salt on before baking. I liked how these turned out but next time I probably will back down on the course salt, for health reasons if nothing else.

This recipe is definitely a keeper. Super cheap, super easy. I also imagine it would be easy to make variations, perhaps pretzel twists, to have at potlucks where kids are present. I can already predict it going over well with little people.



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