Eating fall’s first cucumbers

Matt and I biked over to the Fairmount Community Garden to harvest some radishes for a salad last night. While we were looking over everything, I hunted through the cucumber vines to see if there were any baby cucumbers because I’d seen tiny nubs and some flowers that were about to fall off a few days ago.

Not only did I discover we had finger-sized cucumbers, I discovered that we had two cucumbers ready for picking and eating!

I grew pickling cucumbers this fall, because they’re my favorite. I love them in salad, and if we get enough of them I might make a batch of dill pickles. Matt took a picture of the two cucumbers we picked and sliced for salads yesterday. Please excuse the quality. I believe this photo was half assed. That’s what I get for getting busy watching the fried won tons (filled with Swiss chard, cream cheese and curry seasonings) and asking a certain someone to get off the couch and snap a shot. =P

Hopefully better photos of the cucumbers on the vine will follow. In the meantime, I’m loving the salads out of my own garden. Matt is too. Our lettuces taste crisp and sweet. The radishes I hate but eat because they’re so easy to grow that I can’t not grow some. And the cucumbers are juicy, crisp and not bitter at all. The only thing I’m missing are some green beans to snap and mix in (they’re blooming but no baby beans growing yet) and carrots (which have sprouted but take an eternity, it seems, to grow).

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