Barktober Fest with our dog Gaia

Well, we didn’t dress Gaia in a costume but we had lots of fun any way. Matt and I found out about the free event at our local dog park a day or two before it was supposed to happen. Maybe next year we’ll rig something up and enter her in the costume contest.

Gaia at Barktoberfest

There were lots of tents set up with various groups. Many offered freebies (Matt calls it swag) and dog biscuits. Our favorite was one that supported the Cowtown Loves Animal Shelter Pets group, which had merchandise and snacks for sale to benefit the organization. Matt and I got a car magnet that is in the shape of a pawprint and reads “In Dogs We Trust.”

The dog park was divided into two halves — one with the vendors and an event arena and one for dogs to play off-leash like normal. Outside the park, an arena was set up for a contest with dogs trained to attack.

Also outside the park were food vendors. The Weiner man food truck and another group selling stone-fired pizza were set up to provide refreshments. The food truck had “vegetarian options” written on it, and I talked Matt into getting a snack.

Turned out they were out of portabello mushrooms to make vegetarian hotdogs but they substituted with avocado for me. Matt had the Rahr hog dog. Since there is a discount for buying more than one hotdog, we paid $7.50 including a bottle of water. Not bad, really.

It definitely tasted good, although I had hoped the vegetarian option meant one of those unhealthy tastes-just-like-meat hotdogs like Morning Star uses for its sinful corn dogs in the freezer section.

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