Drinkin’ in the rain

Last night’s rain showers were awesome.

It began raining in the evening, right around the time Matt and I decided we would like to make frozen blackberry margaritas. We ended up hanging out on the porch with some of our neighbors, enjoying the rain and sipping our delicious concoction that I’d dressed up by putting it in large wine glasses.

According to data from the National Weather Service that I looked up this morning, it rained about 0.8 inches last night — enough to soak the ground a bit, cool off the morning temperatures and tear up the tender leaves of my exposed seedlings and toy pak choy.

Rain damage on the leaves of my toy pak choy

I’m not complaining, though. My plants will heal themselves in no time, I’m sure. The rain was too good for our bone-dry soil to shake a stick at it. In fact, I hope we get a couple more showers before the week is out. The forecast is promising.

And next time I’ll remember to cover my poor babies with some trellises or something. At least I remembered to cover the worm bin, which has holes on the top.

Now, I’m off to work outside! A neighbor whose house borders our apartment complex has kindly allowed an apartment mate and I the use of his flower bed, which needs quite a bit of work before it’ll be ready for planting in the spring. His only condition was that we keep his canna lillies and his only concern was that we’d leave a mess for him to clean up.

I plan exceed expectations for that flower bed. By the time I’m done, I’m hoping it’ll be one pimped out space with a mix of herbs, flowers and vegetables that are not only beautiful but functional. Here’s a picture of what I started with:

Future home of herbs, flowers and vegetables


Tina’s Blackberry Margaritas (Makes 1 serving)
Keep in mind these evolved from the question, “What do we have that we can put tequila in?” And we were out of fruit juices.

2 shot glasses full of tequila
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Approximately 1 cup of frozen blackberries
Handful of ice
Splash of water
Heaving tablespoon of granulated sugar

Blend in a personal smoothie maker like the Magic Bullet (or double the recipe and throw in a blender). I blended everything but the ice first, then I added the ice and blended more. Serve in a salt-rimmed large wine glass or something else that looks fancy, and enjoy your daily dose of antioxidants and alcohol. =)

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