YES! TACO and my mouth finally found each other

Tomatillo chicken quesadilla with green salsa

It was bound to happen — YES! TACO and my mouth finally found each other this morning. And, damn, was it good.

So good I think I need a cigarette.

I ordered the tomatillo chicken quesadilla with a Mexican coke. Matt got the Fat Cowboy and the Royale with Topo Chico (mineral water). Everything was scrumptious.

Had I been hungrier, it would have been appropriate to order two items. As it was, I’m a light breakfast eater and one quesadilla did the trick. But the tacos are so inexpensively priced that one, two or even three tacos isn’t going to break the bank.

Check out the menu on YES! TACO’s website for more details. It’s a fabulous selection of culinary delights. Consider me impressed. They have everything from a Laotian-inspired taco to a vegan Refrito black bean taco, all for around $2 to $4 each.

P.S. One of the available sides is roasted corn. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure I will. That’s the kind of snack I can sink my teeth into (although not literally because I have a tricksy bottom retainer), especially come the cooler temperatures of the fall/winter.

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