Rain, rain, come again some more today

View from my entryway

Holey moley, it’s raining in Fort Worth!

I haven’t seen rain in so long. I was jealous when my Lubbock friends reported on Facebook and Twitter that it had been raining there. I hope it keeps drizzling like this all day and weekend.

This morning, while it was sprinkling lightly, Gaia whined to go outside. I told her she probably wouldn’t like it, but she continued to ask to go potty. So, I decided to take her inside the apartment complex where there is a tree to shelter her while she did her thing.

As soon as I opened the door and she saw the rain, she tried to bolt back inside but I wouldn’t let her. I pushed her onto the steps of our entryway and closed the door behind us. I figured she’d stop protesting and just do her business. She didn’t but that’s kind of a good thing.

From around the corner of the house came a disheveled-looking opossum!

I’ve never seen one in the city before, just on the ranch where I grew up. And this little guy — who was maybe the size of a large kitten — looked pretty miserable and wet. I’m guessing he/she was uncomfortable in the usual daytime resting spot and went in search of another. Gaia was so eager to go back inside she didn’t notice the fellow, which was fortunate. There’s a small possibility that it was rabid or infected with something.

I was kind of excited about my encounter with wildlife in our urban jungle when I came back into the apartment. I tried to tell Matt about it, but it was about 8:30 a.m. and all I got was a unintelligible, sleepy mumble.

I’d gotten up early today because I thought the Fairmount Community Garden might have a workday. However, when I checked Facebook this morning, it had been cancelled earlier in the week for various reasons. Silly me for not checking sooner. But I was already up, so I decided to go have a look at my raised bed and see how the seeds/seedlings Matt and I planted last week were doing.

Here are some of the photos I took.

Behold, the proud and mighty bean.
Tiny Swiss chard sprouts
Cucumber seedlings, which were the first ones to sprout in my fall garden

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