Lunch at Shinjuku Station rocked my friggin’ bits off

Matt’s mom came into town for the day and took us out to lunch. She likes sushi, and we hadn’t eaten at Shinjuku Station on Magnolia Street yet. So, that’s what we suggested. We had heard from several people that it was good.

It was.

Rocked my friggin’ bits off.

To start, we had the tok fries. It was a huge appetizer that tasted delicious — a great deal for 6 bucks. The fries were seasoned and wonderful by themselves, but with the spicy mayo and dried dipping seasonings it was a heavenly Asian twist to the classic American thick-sliced fries.

For lunch, Matt’s mom and I had the healthy bento. It costs 15 bucks and is worth every penny. Matt had the cooked bento, which he also enjoyed. But I think the one with raw fish is better. I was full before I could finish my dish.

Service was friendly and attentive to top it off. I left loving the place. I told Matt we needed to come back for a date night and have dinner sometime. He didn’t disagree.

Also, in case you’re wondering what kind of sushi they have, check out the menus online on their website. It’s got prices listed too (something I really appreciate). Some of the lunch rice bowls were reasonably priced and probably scrumptious. Even on a budget, this seems to be a great place to go.

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