Highlights from a busy week in sunny Ft. Worth

Unemployed and busy don’t seem to go together, but this week they did. Here are some highlights of what’s going on in my sunny corner of Ft. Worth:


Matt and I went to dinner with his dad and stepmom on Friday. Afterward, his dad had invited us to join them for a minor league baseball game. I’d never been to a baseball game outside of some I attended in high school. So, I was pretty excited.

When we got there, we found out that Matt’s dad had misread the schedule. Instead of watching the AirHogs play, we ended up at a softball game! It was USSSA Florida Pride vs. the NPF Diamonds. The craziest part was at the end when the pitcher got slammed in the face with a ball (the batter hit it back right at her head) and she had to be taken to the hospital. Yikes.

Rahr on Saturdays

Matt and I have been to Rahr & Sons Brewery for the Wednesday tour with some of our neighbors. It’s so close to home that it makes for a fun afternoon with friends. But we’d never gone on a Saturday and we felt like it this past one.

It was busier, but there was more staff to compensate. Lots more children than on Wednesdays from what I could tell. The crowd is different, and I’m not sure if I like it as much. For one, we ended up standing/leaning on stuff the whole time because there aren’t enough seats for that many people.

They served hamburgers and other similar foods while we were there. The burgers looked sinfully good (especially since Matt and I have gone vegetarian during the week, limiting our meat to the weekends), but it was too hot to eat a burger. I couldn’t arouse my appetite, which is usually pretty ravenous for greasy foods when beer is involved.

In any case, I think maybe I’ll stick to going on Wednesdays. They just seem more chill.

Cinnamon Rolls

I had some dry yeast that was going to expire this month. So, I decided to make cinnamon rolls this morning. I tried this recipe for 90-minute homemade ones, and it was super delicious. The only thing I did different from the recipe was use real butter instead of margarine. I’m not a fan of fake butter. Even though it has less fat, I can’t imagine all the unnatural ingredients are healthy for me. Yuck.

The cinnamon rolls, on the other hand, were the opposite of yuck. For sweet toothed individuals, they’d probably need a glaze of some kind. For Matt and I, they were perfect as is. Oh! And I also did not use raisins, the optional ingredient. Instead, I used pecans on top of some of them. I think it would have been better to mix the pecans into the sugar mixture that I spread inside the dough, but they were still super yummy with the nuts on top.

Seeds of fall

Matt and I planted some of our fall garden in the raised bed we have at the Fairmount Community Garden. We recently acquired the plot and did a bunch of work testing and amending the soil this weekend.

Then we put in the following seeds: green beans, carrots, turnips, broccoli and cauliflower. I’m not sure how the seedlings will do in the heat, but they are located in an area that gets some shade in the midday heat. I’m planting another group in a couple weeks to hedge my bets and keep a continual supply of veggies to harvest. So, if the first batch flops, all won’t be lost.

I’ll post more about it when I’ve got something to take a photo of. Hopefully the seedlings will pop up in another week or so.

Waxin’ the sink

The other notable thing I did this week was wax the sink. It sounds a lot weirder than it is. We have a porcelain kitchen sink, which is really beautiful but hard to keep clean. I’m also worried about taking the finish off or scuffing it up.

I did a couple Google searches about keeping a porcelain sink clean, and many people suggested using car or boat wax on a clean sink to give it a protective coating. The wax helps stop stains from setting and what not, I guess.

I was game, and it seems to have worked well. In any case, the sink is now super shiny. I think I’ll do the bathroom sink and the sides of the bathroom tub, too.

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