Brainfarts and bicycles while going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

(Worried about spoilers? No worries. I didn’t include any.)

Finally! I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in theaters. It was kind of a hectic misadventure.

Matt had an afternoon interview scheduled for Thursday, and I planned to take The Duke (my bicycle) and go it alone. I’d done my research beforehand, and the movie theater closest to us is Palace 9. It’s only a few minutes away by bike, and biking makes sense because it’s in a busy downtown area that doesn’t have a lot of free parking.

Also, the theater gives students a discount on Thursdays. It’s $7 all day as long as you have a student ID. Otherwise, the cheapest time to go is before noon when the tickets cost $6 each. But the closest morning showing was the weekend, and I didn’t want to wait.

So, I set off Thursday afternoon around 2:55 p.m. for the 3:30 p.m. show. I wanted to arrive early so that I could cool off and use the bathroom before the show started. I’m glad I did, because after I got there and bought my ticket I realized that I had a major problem on my hands.

I’d forgotten the key for my bike lock!

Matt had taken my car (because it has air conditioning) to his interview. On that key ring was my bike lock key. I could have taken his bike lock since that key is on his key ring, which I had in my possession. However, I wasn’t thinking as I left the house. I was too excited for the stinkin’ movie.

I thought over my options quickly and decided that the only thing I could do was ride home and get Matt’s lock before riding back. The prospect of tackling the steep uphill on my way back was not pleasing, but I gritted my teeth and did it. For those of you who are in shape, going under the underpass at Main St. and I-30 probably doesn’t even register on the scale of Things-That-Are-Hard-And-Suck. For me, I was dry heaving and shaking after I made it to the top. It was also a hot day, mind you.

When I got home, gasping for air — I know, I know. I’m a tubby wuss. — I discovered that Matt was home. It was about 3: 20 p.m. at this point.

Ten minutes until the movie started.

I gulped down some water and asked Matt if he wanted to join me. He’d already changed into a casual outfit and didn’t seem busy. He said he didn’t have plans and ended up agreeing to go. Wee.

Side note: I don’t mind doing stuff alone but it’s nice to have company. I do feel a little bit bad that I’m bugging Matt to do things with me all the time now. Since we moved from Lubbock, I haven’t had much time away from him. My social circle here is pretty miniscule, whereas I had plenty of people to hang out with in Lubbock.

Matt just gives me sympathetic looks when I tell him all this. He says I’ll make friends and develop a circle in no time, and I know he’s right. Until then, he’s been a wonderful companion to just about everything I’ve done so far in Fort Worth. It’s not that I don’t enjoy all this time hanging out with him. It’s just that I know sooner or later we’ll get crabby at each other and want some space.

Okay, side note over. Back to the important stuff: Harry Potter.

By the time we got to the theater and bought Matt’s ticket, it was 3:40 p.m. My heart was pounding insanely with anticipation, and I feared we’d missed the opening scene. Those fears were unfounded. The commercials were still running when we got to the theater and found some seats.

The movie started moments later. Perfect timing. Perfect. If you could have seen me in that moment, it would have been laughable. I was disgustingly sweaty with a shit-eating grin on my face. When Severus Snape appeared in the opening scene, I mentally drooled a little. Toward the end, I was leaking tears all over the place.

It was a pretty yucky state of bodily fluid affairs, if I do say so myself.

The movie didn’t do the final book in the Harry Potter series justice, but it was still highly enjoyable. The final battle? Awesome. The part about 19 years later? Still as cheesy and lame as it was in the book.

I’m sad to see the book and movie series end, but I realized this morning when I woke up that my fan girl heart is still beating. At least that didn’t die. I can always go back and re-read the series or re-watch the movies. Or — dare I say it? — find myself some decent fan fiction.


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