Exploring Ft. Worth’s cultural offerings turned out to be both fun and cheap

Matt and I decided to check out the Kimbell Art Museum Wednesday afternoon, because we wanted to see Picasso and Braque’s cubist works. I’d also never been there before. So, we planned to explore the main collection too.

"Girl with a Cross" by Braque

I think my favorite piece was “Girl with a Cross” by Georges Braque. I like the small curves of her hair in contrast with the sharp angles of the rest of her portrait. There is also something delicate and familiar about the flowers in her hair.

I suppose I’m not the biggest fan of abstract forms of art. So, finding familiar shapes and images within these stranger works resounds with me.

In any case, the museum was perfectly affordable on just about any budget. The main collection costs nothing to view, and the special exhibit with Picasso and Braque cost us $3 for me and $4 for Matt. But that’s because I used the Ft. Worth Star Telegram Press Pass, which made it 50 percent off on Thursdays.

Regular admission for Matt would have been $8 and I would have paid $6 because I’m still a student with an ID. The museum also offers half-price exhibition admission on Tuesdays (all day) and on Fridays from 5–8 p.m. for those of you without a Press Pass discount.

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

After the museum, we didn’t feel like heading home. So, we decided to also check out the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, particularly the Japanese Gardens. It was fabulous!

Despite the scorching summer heat, everything looked lush and green. The koi were friendly, swimming up to us when we neared the water’s edge.

At one point, Matt was walking across some stepping stones placed in the water as a walkway. Two turtles swam up near him, and I told him to watch his toes since he was wearing flip flops because my experience has been that snapping turtles clamp down and don’t let go.

I think I put a serious fear of losing a toe into him, because a moment later one of the large koi was startled by his movement and made a splash near the water surface. It startled Matt, and he almost toppled into the water. Hehe.

The Japanese gardens cost us $4 each to get in. They don’t give a discount for having a Press Pass, and they don’t give a discount to students. Boo. But it’s still pretty cheap. The rest of the gardens are free. We didn’t have time to check them out on Wednesday, but I’m pretty sure we’ll go back soon.

There is a Texas native species area that I really want to see.


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