Biking the Trinity Trails with our dog Gaia

Catching our breath after the ride

Gaia needed some vigorous exercise today, because she was bouncing off the walls all afternoon and whining for us to play with her. So, we decided to really poop her out. A well-exercised dog is a good dog, as the saying goes.

We took her out to the Trinity Trails, parking the car near 7th and Stayton Street before Matt and I hopped on our bikes.

I think just about everyone we’ve talked to in Fort Worth who finds out we have bikes mentions the Trinity Trails. Matt, who enjoys a more technical ride on his mountain bike several times a week, mentally rolls his eyes at this point. But a easy-going, scenic ride sounded perfect for Gaia and me.

We probably rode several miles with Gaia jogging beside us. The trails are so extensive that it was only a small portion, but it was all Gaia could handle.

"Mommmm, I'm hot. Let's go home now."

At first, she was hell on wheels. I almost took a tumble on some loose gravel. Once we found a long stretch of pavement, I biked the initial hell-beast out of her and the rest of the ride was fairly uneventful. Toward the end, Gaia was all pants and slobber.

I felt really comfortable biking with Gaia out there. In Lubbock, we used to bike with her around the neighborhoods. I’m not sure I want to do that here because of several reasons: too many cars parked along the road, too much through traffic, too many potholes for me to watch out for, etc. So, the Trinity Trails are perfect. They’re well kept and pleasing to the eye. They’re also safe, which is a concern for me when I want to exercise her without Matt around.

But the very best part about them is that I just peeked around the corner into the living room and Gaia was calmly resting at Matt’s feet. I think they’re both waiting on me to make some popcorn and hang out on the couch.

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