Goodbye, Lubbock. Hello, new urban life!

Goodbye, Lubbock.

As I left Lubbock last Thursday, I snapped a quick photo of my rearview mirror with my phone. It’s not the best photo ever, but keep in mind I was driving and tired.

Our plan for moving was this:

Monday — lots of packing.

Tuesday — pick up the Budget truck and do some frantic packing before our best friends came over to help us load the thing. Also, clean the house like crazy people so we don’t get money deducted from our deposit.

Wednesday — drive to Fort Worth (Matt in the Budget truck and me in my car with the dog) and unpack our stuff.

Thursday — drive my car back to Lubbock for the walk-through and then drive back to Fort Worth for sleep.

Friday — unpack and get settled in. Also, return the Budget truck before 1 p.m. to avoid late fees.

It went pretty much according to schedule, except for a few hitches. The person at the realtor’s office who was supposed to do our walk through quit unexpectedly. So, when I called at about the time she was supposed to meet us, no one in the office had known about the walk through or had made plans to do it in her place. Someone showed up thirty minutes later to accommodate us, but she wasn’t very happy or nice. I think she will end up screwing us of a lot of money, because she felt the grass (that I watered, fertilized and re-seeded for free) needed to be mowed. It was at the highest about 4 or 5 inches tall. Be particular. Whatever.

She harped on the cleaning of the kitchen because she discovered the knobs on the stove hadn’t been cleaned. Shoot me, I’d missed them. However, she took her greasy fingers from the knobs and rubbed them all over the stove and oven before proclaiming they were also greasy. Um, yeah. Well, that’s what they would feel like if you put grease on your fingers and rubbed it on them.

I’m getting riled up just thinking about this lady. Why can’t landlords be decent human beings in Lubbock? I don’t know. I’ve never had a good experience. One of them once tried to evict me because paperwork had been misplaced and it seemed like I hadn’t paid rent in a while. I never got an apology, just dirty looks when I went in with all my receipts and showed them I had paid after all.

I hate feeling like I’m being taken advantage of because I’m young and seemingly don’t have experience with renting (or car maintenance or etc.) Fortunately, our new landlords seem like caring human beings and pretty cool individuals. They also seem to care about maintaining the place and making sure the residents are happy. The things they insisted that we do were pretty common sense things that we’d do anyway too, like pick up the poop after our dog. I doubt they’ll have a problem with us at all. I’m hoping we don’t have a problem with them, either. It almost seems too good to be true, though.

The rest of our moving experience has been pretty peaceful. I’m starting to feel comfortable in our new apartment, although driving around town has been a bit terrifying. I’m not used to so much traffic, and I don’t know where I am half the time. Thank goodness for iPhones and Google Maps.

Well, my laundry is probably ready. I’d better go tend to it to avoid bad communal laundry room etiquette. Although I’m thrilled with our move away from Lubbock, city life is going to take some adjusting to for this small town gal.

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