Several important things about choosing seeds for your garden

Knowing something about choosing seeds for your garden will help you plan your future harvest better. Here are a few key pieces of information and some money-saving tips that I think every home gardener should know.DSC08270

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How to Make Farm Cheese (with friends!)

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Cheese makers (and lovers) filled our home this weekend! Several friends and their families joined us Saturday afternoon for a group experiment with farm cheese. We decided to use raw milk from a local dairy. So, the first step was acquiring 9 gallons of milk.

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Breaking ground on our backyard farm


During winter break, Austin and I began work creating what is essentially a cedar retention wall that will form three terraced garden beds down the hill.

We are finally breaking ground on some backyard projects. Our plan is to turn our large suburban lot into a thriving food farm that provides most, if not all, of our fruit and vegetable needs.

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Going to waste — this step mom’s frustration with picky eaters


After many biscuit recipes, my favorite one for its low fat content and ease of prep is this one ( However, I use all whole wheat flour.

Yesterday morning I got a bee in my bonnet when I opened up the kids’ lunch boxes and found (yet again) food that had spoiled because it hadn’t been eaten in time.

I often get cheese sticks returned, too warm to be safe to eat. Yogurt. Etc. All seemingly high-interest, perishable foods. Today it was homemade potato and vegetable soup (with a base that looked and tasted much like chicken noodle) packed in a thermos.

This was followed by Austin asking the kids if they wanted berries in their waffles. Two said no, and I wanted to flip my shit.

“I’m only putting in four or five berries,” I said, in a whisper to him.

To which Austin replied with an apologetic look, “Yeah, but they won’t eat it.”

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