Progress in the backyard gives me hope for hosting our wedding outdoors

For a minute or two, I was stressing about whether or not the backyard projects would be completed in time for Austin and my wedding.


But then Cory and another guy showed up with magic masonry fingers! The stone steps down the hillside are almost complete and a good chunk of progress has been made on the retaining wall, as you can see in the photo I took this afternoon. Continue reading

We conquered the hillside with garden terraces


Exhausted and pleased, we celebrated our new garden terraces with a fire in the fire pit and a glass of wine as the sun went down.

When you walked out the back door of our house, you used to see a small wood fenced backyard. Behind the fence, the ground slants steeply down into a drainage area. Pretty boring, and certainly unproductive.


Before we took down the fence and began building, the hillside was just an unproductive rocky slide.

Before we took down the fence and began building, the hillside was just an unproductive rocky slide.

So, we’ve spent the last year making some improvements that will increase our food production and certainly our quality of living. The biggest change recently is the garden terraces pictured at the top of this post, which Austin and I built with the help of a couple friends. Continue reading

Standing on the summit of turning 30, I’ve set my goals. Let the ascent begin!


Well, here we are. I am at the summit of turning 30. In three years, I’ll be at the peak.

And the question that has plagued me relentlessly since the season changed from fall to winter — a time perfect for self- reflection — is:

What do I want to accomplish in the next three years?

I’ve decided to write a book about urban farming with children, sort of a guide for beginners and parents to permaculture and homesteading.  Continue reading

Several important things about choosing seeds for your garden

Knowing something about choosing seeds for your garden will help you plan your future harvest better. Here are a few key pieces of information and some money-saving tips that I think every home gardener should know.DSC08270

Continue reading